Basic XL300: 4-Way Hyd Tilt, 90° Swing, Offset, 110Klb's Driving Force, SSQ/A Adaptable - Click To See More!

WRAG Basic XL300 3-Point Post Driver


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  • In addition To Hydraulic (left & right) Tilt Adjustments & 110,000lb's of 'Springless' Driving Force, this WRAG Driver is also Self-Contained!
    • The Self-Contained Feature eliminates the need to run a hydraulic return line hose to the hydraulic reservoir filler neck (usually in the engine compartment)!
    • The Springless feature eliminates the maintenance & seasoning of springs, the expensive replacement cost of them, and also eliminates the down time caused by broken springs!
    • Plus, the Unique Springless, Drop Weight type of Hammering action, makes this the most Stable Driver available - again contributing to efficiency & Straight Posts!
    • 4-Way (Front & Back) Tilt adjustment is Hydraulic.
    • 90° Swing is from rear center mounted position to right of tractor (rotating counter-clockwise).
    • Horizontal Telescoping Feature offers 14-1/2" of adjustment in any location of the 90º swing.
    • Hydraulically Telescoping Mast Leg makes height position a piece of cake!
    • Rear, adjustable Stabilizer Legs are standard, and work in conjunction with the Telescoping Mast Leg.
  • All of the unique and easy to use positioning features assist in Driving straight Posts, and they eliminate the need for constantly re-positioning the Tractor to achieve precise placement of the Driver & Post - which provides an overall operation efficiency!
  • WRAG Multi-Lever Controls are Always Placed in Safe Locations, Convenient for Access & Visibility!
  • Expect the 7/8" diameter, industrial poly/cotton braided Rope to have a very long, trouble free service life, and to be easy & safe on & for your hands!
  • This Unique Driver is also void of cables & hinged masts, which are more maintenance points, and which occasionally work against the operator!
  • Also, since the post is not nested in the webbing of an 'I' beam (as w/most Drivers), this WRAG Driver enables filling an existing fence line with posts, w/o stretching or damaging the existing fence!
  • Driver Includes the Following:
    • Hydraulic Hoses & Couplers.
  • For the Toughest Ground &/or Largest Post Diameters, there's an Optional Rock Spike & Extractor Kit for making Pilot Holes.
    • Rock Spike & Extractor Kit is a $3500.00 Option & Available to List on our Store.
      • Standard Rock Spike Tip is 4" Diameter.
      • Upgrade to 6" Diameter Rock Spike Tip (in lieu of 4") is $200.00.
    • With Rock Spike & Extractor Kit 'Mounting Lugs' Being a Standard Feature on this Driver, Installation is a Quick & Simple One-Bolt Activity!
    • The Spool Valve required for Operating the Rock Spike & Extractor Kit is also Standard on this Driver.
  • Driver is shown on a 'LS' Tractor for reference only - Tractor is NOT included.
  • Minimum hydraulic requirement is 15GPM/1800PSI.
  • Maximum post diameter is 10".
  • Functionality Dimensions:
    • Horizontal Telescoping & Offset (Travel Range is 14-1/2"):
      • Center of 3-Pt Frame to Center of Post Cap, Retracted is 57".
      • Center of 3-Pt Frame to Center of Post Cap, Extended is 71-1/2".
      • For 15" more hydraulic offset, see the Commander XL300.
    • Driver Legs Fully Extended:
      • Drives maximum 9' long post.
      • Drives down to +/-30" above grade.
    • Driver Legs Fully Retracted:
      • Drives maximum 8' long post.
      • Drives down to 18" above grade.
    • Above spec's for Post Lengths & above grade positioning are conservative, and subject to Tractors 3-Point & tire sizes.
    • Above spec's are as measured on a 80hp tractor w/30" rear tires, lift links mostly extended.
  • Hammer weight is 660lb's.
  • Impact at full stroke is 110,000lb's.
  • 4-Way Tilt Adjustment (left/right-front/rear) is about 17°.
    • Tilt Adjustment can be used in any of the other articulated positions!
  • Horizontal Swing is 90º and is complimented with the Horizontal Telescoping feature!
  • Weight is 1936lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change w/o notice.